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Belgium has a long industrial history. The Walloonian steel industry, renowned for its quality, had its glory days from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s. Numerous car, motorcycle and bicycle companies were founded in and had their main assemblies in these now abandoned sites.

Old glories, such as Gillet, Sarolea, FN, Imperia were familiar sights on our streets at that time. Equally, other companies in Belgium, once created technical ingenuity such as Flandria, Derby, Safir, Duval etc...

Unfortunately, today we only find these faded beauties, now and then, in museums. Increasingly, we need new, efficient and environmentally responsible transport to get us about every day. Our needs and resources have changed. This is not to say that contemporary has to be boring.

Gillectrix wants to promote stylish artisan electric bikes, with a nod to the past. A bicycle with a story, with an individuality! Like the Lohner, once a merger with Porsche, who already made the first hybrid car in 1905, "Avant - Garde avant la lettre". After some years they dropped it and focused on the bike again.

The grandson Lohner thought he should do something with this history and built the Lohner Stroler in 2010. Or how about the over-enthusiastic Swiss Harley fan, who found his Inspiration in the year 1929... A bicycle can be beautiful and different... and that is what we are looking for. Maybe vintage or just a cool bike but always a little different... cycling with a soul.

Some of our bikes are custom made. With an eye for detail, quality and technology we offer something for everyone. Moreover, we offer a specific service "the store that comes to you". You should try a unique bicycle and where better than in your own environment.

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